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Train Smarter, Not Harder: Include Intervals in Your Training Plan

People often ask me to help them with training plans for running and triathlon. I help create them but always with a disclaimer that I am not their coach. I am not anyone’s coach (other than my patients during our treatment sessions) because I try to use any time outside of work that isn’t already […]

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Training for My First 8K: So I have Started to Run, What Next?

The reason that I run is mainly for stress relief. I enjoy the time to think and I enjoy escaping the world as I ponder nature and the minutiae of everyday life (while listening to really good music).   Truthfully, I don’t need to race. I am doing the race as a way to contribute to […]

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Understanding The Functional Movement Screening

Think running is simple? That all you have to do is lace up your shoes and go? While in large part that’s true, before you run, it’s important to know if you’re doing it right. If you aren’t, you run the risk of getting injured. Pun intended.   That’s why Tidewater Physical Therapy and Tidewater […]

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Preparing For Ski Season

Whether you work out five days a week or never step foot in a gym, before you hit the snow sports, get your body ready.   The winters may not typically bring much snow to the Hampton Roads and Williamsburg region of Virginia, but that doesn’t stop many of us from looking toward our more […]

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MARATHON CROSS TRAINING PROGRAM DECEMBER 15, 2014 – MARCH 4, 2015 Whether it’s your 1st marathon or you are a seasoned veteran, this program is designed to meet your cross training needs! Cross training improves muscle endurance and reduces the risk of injuries! You increase your speed and correct imbalances adding to your overall success! Join […]

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Performance Coach: Russell Edwards, CSCS

For Russell Edwards, achieving one’s goals is a marathon, not a sprint. Consistency and patience yield the most optimal results, which is exactly how he relates to his clients.   “I love exercise, reaching goals and educating, so why not pursue the one profession where I can do all three,” he says of his decision […]

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To Gel or Not to Gel – Energy Gel Alternatives

Paige Sheen, MS, RD, METS   Talk to enough sport dietitians or read their blogs, and you’ll come to find out we basically fall into two camps when it comes to sport gels.  One camp finds them a great way to get needed carbohydrates during endurance exercise and typically recommend taking several gels an hour […]

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Wake Up Call- Time to Hit the Gym

The wake up call I got this morning was that it’s time to hit the gym again, even if it is summer.  And even if summer means day light before and after work and the scenery of being out on roads running and cycling is a whole lot more appealing than being inside, I’ve been […]

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Runner’s Injury Series

Nagging Injury, Pain or just Questions? Check out the Runner’s Education Series sponsored by Point 2 Running Company, Tidewater Performance and Tidewater Physical Therapy.   Common Injuries for Runners – Mike Satterley PT, DPT, Sports Program Director with Tidewater Physical Therapy and Dr. Sara Bouraee DPM, Foot and Ankle Specialist with Tidewater Orthopaedic, will speak […]

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Free Runners’ Education Series

Calling all runners! Tidewater Physical Therapy and its Performance Centers, in conjunction with Point 2 Running Company, will host a free runners’ education series through August in Newport News.   Injury Prevention for Runners Aug. 8 8 to 8:55 a.m. Point 2 Running Company 120 Ottis Street, Newport News Mike Satterley, PT, DPT, CIMT, CSCS, […]

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