Half Marathon Training Tip 10: Forgive Saboteurs, They Know Not What They Do

Everybody has them. The co-worker who gives you a donut because you’re working so hard. The non-runners who tell you that you shouldn’t do it if it’s so hard. The friend who told me I have run enough to deserve a greasy piece of pizza instead of my yogurt and carrots. She didn’t mean to sucker punch my willpower. She just doesn’t get it. My running partner’s husband even tried to take her out for a heavy Italian meal in the week before the race. He, too, just didn’t get it.


Be patient: most of the people who sabotage don’t mean to be malicious, they just have different priorities.


Don’t be afraid to say no. The people who offer temptations will eventually take the hint. I spent a lot of time thinking about what to eat and what to drink before the race, and found that training and running really inspired me to make better choices.


Running is darned near impossible with a food-baby in the belly.


Not only did I get better at denying saboteurs, I didn’t self-sabotage, either.


Jaime Miller is a contributing author to Tidewater Performance Center’s LIVING LIFE STRONGER Blog. She is a teacher in York County, a client at the Tidewater Performance Center and can now say she’s completed her first half marathon. Read how she got into running here.

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