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Sports Performance
Personal & Group Training
Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab

Tidewater Performance, a division of Tidewater Physical Therapy, Inc., was created to provide health, wellness, quality of movement, personalized service and specialized programs. Tidewater Performance offers customized, instructor-led programs for individuals, semi-private groups and athletic teams. We ensure the excellence of our services by hiring degreed, highly certified and experienced performance coaches. We use research based assessments to evaluate our clients’ capabilities and develop individualized training programs to meet their needs.

Tidewater Performance is committed to providing safe yet intense workouts for our clients. Our training philosophy is rooted in teaching and perfecting fundamental movement patterns and ensuring quality of movement in all of our clients. As our clients progress we build upon this base with strength, power and more progressive movements. We promote weight lifting as a skill and are committed to teaching exceptional technique to all clients as it applies to their goals. Each client is frequently assessed to ensure their progress and make new goals. In short, Tidewater Performance is an elite training center staffed by expert performance coaches who are committed to providing the highest level of service for our customers and ensuring their results.

At Tidewater Performance our staff is uniquely qualified to provide training services to clients of all ages, fitness levels and sports. We offer fitness training to help clients lose weight, gain strength, build muscle, develop healthy living patterns or train for a specific event. We offer nutritional counseling which allows our nutrition coaches to make recommendations regarding the selection and preparation of food, guidance for reading labels and help in choosing meals that facilitate weight loss, improve athletic performance and / or meet special dietary needs. We offer performance training for athletes of all ages and sports to help them get stronger, faster and more efficient in their movements. Finally, we train clients with special needs such as injury rehabilitation, chronic pain, diabetes, heart problems and more. We pride ourselves in having the right trainer to meet your needs.