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Tidewater Performance Coaches

The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research study determined that exercise intensity – defined by repetition, strength and perceived exertion – was
20 percent higher for people working out with a trainer than those working out on their own.

Tidewater’s team of trainers are all degreed, diversely certified and experienced fitness and sports performance experts. Whether you’re looking for a fitness program to help you LIVE LIFE STRONGER or are an athlete looking to play your game stronger, Tidewater’s Performance Coaches are committed to you.

That commitment is strengthened by our promise to both work you out to your highest level of intensity & keep you safe. That safety is key. Our programs are built around the belief that pain free first, then performance, is what enhances your fitness level and athleticism.

What is a performance coach?

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Newport News, VA


Ruth Middleton (2) 110x110

Ruth Middleton
B.S. Exercise Science,
CSCS, Head Performance Coach

Will Blaber 2 110x110

William Blaber
B.S. Exercise Science,
CSCS, USAW, Performance Coach

Lori Sprott 110x110
Laura Sprott
B.S.- Exercise Science,
ACE-CPT, Performance Coach

Ola Davis (1) 110x110

Ola Davis
M.S. Exercise Science,
CSCS, ACE-FNS, Performance Coach

Danielle Kearns (3) 110x110

Danielle Kearns
B.S. Exercise Science,
NSCA – CSCS, USAW, CF-L1, PN-1 Performance Coach


Gloucester, VA

Mary-Lewis Wine
Performance Coach

Joe Hoffman 4 110x110

Joe Hoffman
B.S. Exercise Science,
ACSM-HFS, Performance Coach

Suffolk, VA

Russell Edwards 4 110x110

Russell Edwards
CSCS, Performance Coach


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