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Baseball Training

Gone are the days of 9 am baseball on Saturday mornings, drinking juice boxes and eating snacks outside of the dugout after a hard fought Little League game. Your child has grown and with that growth his baseball skills have increased to the point that travel ball and school baseball are now the norm.

Let the professional trainers at Tidewater Performance take your son to an even higher level of sports training. Maximize the potential and nurture the skills that have brought him to this point with our strength and agility program. Our training regiment is geared to get the most from your player along with reducing the risk of  injury by improving his core strength and muscular stability.

The next level is serious so you need to train seriously. Contact us today for an individual assessment and get started on the road to the big leagues!

When turn to take the field, make sure you do it fully prepared and ready to play your best.

Tidewater Performance Coaches can help whether you play at the middle school, high school or college level, we have the team that can help you make the most of every minute.

Regardless of level of play, staying safe and injury free is key.  Contact a Coach for an individual assessment Baseball (9)and design a plan that gets you where you want to be.

*Increase your bat speed by improving rotational power and increasing flexibility through the hips.

*Improve your starting mechanics and running form to decrease your 60-yard time and increase your on-base percentage.

* Enhance your coverage range on defense by increasing first-step quickness, agility and reaction time.

*Reduce the risk of injury by improving your core strength and muscular stability especially through the shoulders, knees and ankles.


Teams Welcome!  Coaches interested in team assessments and sessions should call for group rates. (757) 223-5612


Tidewater was exceptional in enabling me to prep are for the upcoming season. The unique combination of informed trainers and a first class facility makes Tidewater the perfect spot to make that jump to the next level in any sport.”  -Andy Perez. Boston Red Sox

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