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Basketball Training

Ready to take your basketball game to the next level?  Tidewater Performance Coaches can help whether you play at the middle school, high school or college level, we have the team that can help you win.

Tidewater Personal and Sports Performance Trainer William Blaber works with a high school football team.

  • Enhance your speed and lateral movement technique to stay with your man on defense
  • Improve your agility to make effective offensive cuts and drive to the basket
  • Increase your endurance to last all four quarters
  • Reduce the risk of injury particularly ACL/MCL injuries
  • Strengthen your lower body and learn proper jumping/landing mechanics
  • Decrease your times in combine drills such as Pro-Lane agility and 3/4 court sprints

Male or female, regardless of level of play, staying safe and injury free is key.  Touch base with a Coach for an individual assessment and design a plan that gets you where you want to be.

Teams Welcome!  Coaches interested in team assessments and sessions should call for group rates.



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