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Endurance Fit



Looking to ramp up your training?

Cross –training is a great way for endurance athletes to build up cardio fitness, strengthen joints and build muscles not used as frequently.  Resistance training will strengthen legs, core, and all parts of the body that contribute to better overall performance. Link up with other athletes and join our Endurance-Fit Exercise Group led by one of our professional Performance Coaches.

Endurance-Fit workouts include strengthening exercises and conditioning intervals, scalable for any fitness/skill level and homework for exercising on days off. All of our coaches have the education and experience needed to keep indoor training safe and effective. Cardiorespiratory fitness is a top priority for cyclists and runners. Incorporating various forms of aerobic conditioning will help accomplish this goal and give an athlete a break from the road. In addition, strength training has been proven to improve running economy, decrease ground reaction time, create better cycling posture and enable an athlete to hold pace longer.

Cross-training during peak season, as well as, off-season is essential to maximizing performance.

Let us help you build on all of your hard work and prepare you for your next race!

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