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Fitness Consultation

Meet one-on-one with a performance coach to discuss your goals, get a baseline assessment and determine a training program that will meet your needs and expectations.

What to Expect-

Review of your medical history: The performance coach will discuss with you any recent illnesses, surgeries, injuries and medications. This will ensure the coach that you are able to participate in an exercise program and allow them to make adjustments for any injuries or conditions.

Review of your current habits : The performance coach will also ask you about your current exercise and nutrition habits in order to get an understanding of the things you enjoy, the things you are doing well and areas that need improvement. This also gives the coach a better understanding of your schedule in order to recommend a time commitment that is realistic for you.

Assessments: The performance coach will conduct assessments based on your goals. Fitness assessments may include height, weight, body fat, BMI, estimated VO2 max, strength tests, etc. Athlete assessments will include 10 yd sprint, vertical jump, medicine ball chest pass, pro-agility test and an interval test. All clients go through the Functional Movement Screen.

Goal Setting: After assessing your current status, you will talk about your goals with the performance coach who will help you set up a realistic time frame for success.

Program Recommendation: The performance coach will tell you about our programs and recommend one that will best fit your needs.

How much does it cost?: The consultation itself is free of charge.  The fee for training will depend on the program you select. Our services range from $30-$60/session depending on the length of time you sign up for and if you choose personal training or small group training.  The performance coach will recommend the program he or she feels will be the best fit for your needs.

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