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Five Reasons Your Child Needs To Be On A Sports Team

You’ve heard arguments for and against having your child on a team. We live in a society where every child is a winner and everybody gets a trophy. But there are some great reasons why we think children benefit from team sports. Here are a few of our favorites: To increase their activity level. Be […]

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Base Running Skills

When people think of the sport of baseball, they commonly assume a normal day of training should consist of your basic batting, pitching and fielding drills. However, a major area of the sport is more than likely left out of most practices and training sessions. This area is “base running,” and as simple as it […]

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Understanding The Functional Movement Screening

Think running is simple? That all you have to do is lace up your shoes and go? While in large part that’s true, before you run, it’s important to know if you’re doing it right. If you aren’t, you run the risk of getting injured. Pun intended. That’s why Tidewater Physical Therapy and Tidewater Performance […]

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The Importance of Drinking Water

It has been said many times before that water is the “life source” of mankind, allowing human beings to maintain proper hydration at rest and during exercise. But exactly why is water so important to the human body and for the maintenance of physical activity levels? Water serves as the main component of blood (plasma), […]

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Three Myths of Weightlifting

In many ways, fitness/ strength and conditioning have changed by leaps and bounds since the early days of Jack LaLanne, the founder of modern American physical fitness. When LaLanne first opened a health spa in 1936, what we now call a gym, he was called anything but smart. “People thought I was a charlatan and […]

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To Carb Load or Not? That Is The Question!

I want to apologize to all of the carb lovers out there. Most of us will (sadly) never need to carb load. If your competition or event lasts less than an hour, your body already has enough glycogen stored to perform at its peak. All of those die hard 5K-ers, track and field athletes, swimmers, […]

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Why Can’t I Do A Full Push-Up?

Push-Ups are a great total body exercise!  They are important for building chest and core strength as well as toning triceps.  The best part is, they can be done anywhere and be performed by just about everyone! The most important question to ask yourself before you “drop and give me 20” is “Can I hold […]

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Performance Coaching For Children & Teens

Let’s face it, growing up can be awkward. Kids go from being compact cuties to gawky tweens to suddenly inhabiting altogether unfamiliar bodies as teens. With all those changes going on, children often struggle with coordination and balance as they navigate each phase of their physical development. A performance coach with Tidewater Performance can offer […]

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Five Truths About Healthy Weight Loss

With the overwhelming amount of weight loss information available online, it can be hard to filter through what is credible and what’s just the latest fad.  These truths will help you understand nutrition and exercise for weight loss without bombarding you with contradicting or straight up false information! Truth #1: Eating won’t make you fat […]

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Breaking Down Complex Carbohydrates

It is lunchtime, and your stomach is growling. To fuel up for the rest of your work day, do you grab the sandwich with white bread, or whole wheat and what is the difference anyway? You have heard people talk about wheat bread being better for you, but what does that mean? It is important […]

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