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NFL Combine Prep Program

Our NFL Combine Prep Program is designed and instructed by Tidewater Performance’s Football Specialist William Blaber, BS, CSCS, in conjunction with Tidewater Physical Therapy’s Sports Program Director Mike Satterley, PT, DPT, SCS, CIMT, CMTPT, CSCS and Nutrition Specialist and Performance Coach Ola Davis, MS, CSCS.  The goal of Pro Combine Prep is to get players ready for a professional football combine by increasing their speed, strength and power, while addressing their nutritional needs and ensuring that they are injury free and have effective pain-free movement patterns.

The program consists of three parts:

Evaluation – Conducted by Mike Satterley and William Blaber

At the beginning of the program Mike Satterley will take each athlete through a Functional Movement Screen and postural analysis in order to examine their potential for injury and identify any faulty movement patterns.  Satterley, will then assign each athlete a corrective exercise program to address their problem areas and suggest treatment if more serious risk is discovered.

Will Blaber will conduct the performance portion of the evaluation.  He will assess each athlete on the tests they will be asked to perform during the combine including a 40yd sprint, pro-agility shuttle, L-drill, vertical jump, broad jump, and bench press.

Performance Training – Conducted by William Blaber

After the evaluations have been conducted, athletes will participate in eight weeks of performance training sessions to improve their scores and prepare them for their upcoming combine.  Sessions are programmed to ensure that athletes peak during their pro-day or tryout.  Each session will include full resistance training sessions to increase lower and upper body strength and power as well as speed and agility training to improve sprint times, reaction and change of direction.  In addition, Blaber will teach footwork, coordination and technique for all aspects of pro-day testing to ensure that athletes improve their scores.

Nutrition – Conducted by Ola Davis

Athletes will participate in weekly nutritional counseling sessions led by Ola Davis.  She will review their eating habits, recommend appropriate food choices and track their weekly progress.  Athletes will be taught to maximize their nutrition for the optimum performance.

Program Summary
8-week duration
1 Physical Evaluation
1 Performance Evaluation
32 Performance Training Sessions
8 Nutrition Counseling Sessions

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