Under Armour Combine 360

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If you’ve clicked around our web site, you may have noticed a familiar logo – Under Armour.

The Tidewater Performance Center is PROUD to be affiliated with Under Armour. Their mission to make all athletes better through “passion, science and the relentless pursuit of innovation” correlates directly with what Tidewater’s Trainers bring to all of their clients.

Have you noticed this logo, too?

Combine 360 is also part of Under Armour. Not sure what it is. Combine Training, according to www.combine360.com, “is an intense fitness discipline and training system based on the core elements of sport performance that challenges each individual to maximize their potential and enhance their athletic engine through challenges and workouts rooted in movement, balance and strength. Combine training exercises fall into four main categories within workouts: dynamic warm-up (DW), core-posture (CP), explosiveness-quickness (EQ) and resistance training (RT) within each category, there are also designations for specific sports, all sports or elite performance, dialing in the focus of each exercise in terms of balance, strength and movement.”

Combine 360 is the tool through which trainers assess fitness and sports performers. 360 is a score you receive based on a series of drills you run through. Once you get your score, you work to improve it. It gives you a benchmark.

Stayed tuned for more on Combine Training and Combine 360 at the Tidewater Performance Center! In the meantime, check out the Combine web site. Check out Tidewater Performance and its Combine trainers Рhttp://www.combine360.com/CombineTraining/Facility/2.

And make this promise to yourself: I WILL LIVE LIFE STRONGER!

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